The Doubles Alley (Ep. 1)


Mark and Philip introduce the show and volley a set of questions back and forth: How many months/years of your life would you estimate has been spent watching pro tennis? (1:05), How many top 10 players won’t be in the top 10 in 6 months? (4:30), Will Delpo be in the top 10 next season? (7:00), Should rising stars specialize on one surface? (9:40), Who has had a better career between Ferrer, Berdych, and Tsonga? (13:40), Which players that dropped from the top 10 will be back in by Wimbledon? (20:25), What needs to be done for there to be fewer injuries? (24:15), What surprised you the most in 2017? (30:15), Should there be a modification to the scoring system? (35:20), Which non-slam or World Tour Finals tournament do you as a fan like the most? (38:10)


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