We’re cousins who talk about tennis way too much. We dreamed up The Doubles Alley as a weekly refuge for those whose favorite 8 weeks of the year occur in January, May, July, and September.

Mark Elman
11138069_10153081450992979_174295807590681962_nMark has devoted almost as much of his lifetime to tennis as he has to sleeping. In fact, tennis is what got him out of bed early and kept him up late, especially to drool over the fortunes of McEnroe, Borg, and Connors all the way through to America’s greatest generation of stars -The Agassi/Sampras/Courier clan. Currently he is partial to Novak Djokovic especially with Agassi as his coach.

Philip Sopher
IMG_7665Philip is a Rafa enthusiast, which is why the site’s color is the same shade as the clay at Roland Garros and why he chose a picture of himself from in front of the Eiffel Tower.